Experience the rich history of Hong Kong

Welcome to Hakka House

We specialise in the acquisition, restoration and renovation of Hong Kong's historic Hakka houses and turn them into family friendly holiday homes.

Hong Kong Heritage

By preserving a part of Hong Kong’s heritage, we give you the unique experience of an exciting stay in the 'back garden' of Hong Kong, Sai Kung country park. Known for its feral cows, fishing, Hakka villages, beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and beaches. Geological formations and low-key lifestyle, you will experience a unique part of Kong Kong's rich history.

No 1 Ko Tong Ha Yueng

No 5 Ko Tong Ha Yueng

Experience both culture and nature in Hong Kong at one of our Sai Kung village houses


Close to secluded beaches

The 5 most beautiful beaches are located at Sai Kung, explore them all

Renovated Hakka House bedroom - Sai Kun village

Restored heritage houses

Stay in one of the most well-preserved Hakka villages of Hong Kong


Culture and Nature

Walk the trails, visit heritage places and enjoy the vibe of a relaxed but vibrant village.

Discover Sai Kung Country Park

Its combination of gorgeous beaches and quality dining options makes Sai Kung one of Hong Kong’s best city escapes

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